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Testimonial – Lindsey

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I want to thank you for making it possible to order big fat oysters on-line.

My 82 year old father recently had a major operation for cancer which was only partially successful. The thing is, that after the operation his taste buds went out of kilter. Sweet things became excessively sweet salty things excessively salty and almost everything else in between tastes yuk. The exception it seems is seafood.

As a teenager growing up in Whangarei, I have fond memories of receiving our weekly treat of big fat Parua Bay Oysters. We would sit around the table as a family making the sort of noises that you could normally expect from a lower middle class family treating themselves to one of our lives pure pleasures with the odd comment like “this oyster is so huge I have to cut it in half”.

That rich creaming texture and flavour to die for has left a lasting impression in my happy memories of growing up in Whangarei.

I just wanted to thank you for bringing back something that was lost when the Parua Bay Oyster farm was sold to overseas owners.

My father is looking forward to the delivery next week, as good seafood is one of the small pleasures in life he has left.


Brisbane, Australia.