Fat Oysters

Seafood Delivered To Your Door Anywhere In New Zealand

Big Fat Oysters 100% Fat

100% Fat but in a good creamy way

  • Fat Oysters are grown in the clear waters of the Bay of Islands, New Zealand.

  • Fat Oysters are grown for 3 years before harvest, twice as long as usual, resulting in much larger, creamier oysters for the consumer.

  • Fat Oysters are only harvested strictly to season – June to December when they are at the peak of their condition.

  • To retain their superb taste, all oysters are washed and packed in sea water from the same area in which they have been raised.

  • The tubs are then chilled down and packed in to chilli boxes with ice and transported by overnight courier to your doorstep anywhere in New Zealand.

  • Fat Oysters are immediately opened in our onsite processing plant, packed into convenient 200ml and 500ml tubs, to ensure maximum freshness and top condition.